Devon Commercial Photographer

Offering one to one photography tuition across Torbay and Devon, by a professional photographer and qualified teacher.  With tuition available for complete beginners to photographers who want to get more out of their photography.

Torbay & Devon Photography Tuition tailored to suit you and your photographic level, with coaching from a skilled professional to help you take your photography forward.

If you have never used your camera in manual mode, tuition with Will Reddaway Photo School will equip you with the knowledge and understand you need.

Feel free to check out the following below or contact me for more details.

“Great teacher and easy to get on with; plenty of ideas about putting the theory into practice. He also put the time in to speak with me a few times before meeting to understand what I wanted to get from the day. Highly recommended.”


Group Photography Classes Availble

I offer 5 week group beginner photography courses at various Devon Locations

We will take some time to look at compositional rules, knowing what the rules are allows us to break them or use them creatively.
These three elements are the setting that alow you to photograph in manual mode. You will learn how they affect your camer and the light coming into your lens.
We will look at how you can use the three manual settings for your creative use, looking at things like using motion and capturing light.
We will look at the different between teh two file formats and their compression. Including why you might shoot RAW over JPEG and vice versa.
Lenses aren't just there to help you captur you subject in the right framing, we can also use lenses creatively too.
Availbale on the full day or custom packages only. We can cover any of the following that you may be interested in; Off camera flash, long exposure photography, portraiture, landscapes or capturing action

Full Day [7 hours including 45 minute lunch break] £250

Half Day [3,5 hours] £125

Add Another Person £80/Full Day £45/Half Day


Here is an example of  what a full days [7 hours] tuition could look like for a student who has never taken any manual photographs before. This is just a place to start planning your day with me from so please contact me to discuss a customised day with me.

Starting the day with a coffee to discuss and view your work. [You will need to bring 10 images or have emailed them to me prior to the day]

Tuition would start with some basic manual photography theory. Covering composition, shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Also discussing RAW vs JPEG & lens choice.

 Time to get out to shoot in manual, focusing on the basics of manual photography but moving on at your pace to look at specific techniques and more technical areas such as; using natural light effectively, using shutter speed and aperture for artistic effect, composition and working in low light.

Lunch [This will be a pub lunch but not included in the cost of the course] This is a great time to view some of your images from the morning and discuss anything that has come up or any questions your have.

Shooting out and about again to put into practice what has been discussed over lunch.

Bespoke time - prior to the day we will discuss how you would like to spend your bespoke time. This could be learning more about some of the areas we touched on before lunch [using natural light effectively, using shutter speed and aperture for artistic effect, composition or working in low light] or looking at photographing people, landscapes, action, off camera flash or long exposure photography. This time is for me to focus my teaching onto a specific photographic area which you are particularly interested in.

Finishing off the day with a coffee and time to look through your photos, evaluate them and even touch on some editing techniques.