I have been shooting in the water surf photography for over 4 years. I bought my first camera housing and took to the water to bring photography back to where it all started, a hobby. I had been photographing professionally for a few years and I wanted to take up a photographic area that was less work, more play. That has now changed and it is very much part of the photographic services I offer. Surfing has been a passion of mine since I was a teenager, I just love being in the sea among the waves. I have never been the best surfer but I have always paddled out looking at the shapes of waves with a photographer's eye. I never imagined I have the chance to swim out with a full DSLR rig and photograph what I was seeing.
Being in the water taking photos is very different from the other commercial and wedding work I do and that's one of the reasons I love it. I also love the fact it presents challenges that you would never face on land. The biggest of these is the fact you're taking a few grands worth of camera equipment into the sea. I have always used Liquideye water housings for my cameras and have loved working with them. They have allowed me to swim out with confidence and not worry about my camera while out in the water. Another big challenge has been safety, from the word go I have worn a Gath helmet. Not because I am shooting massive swells on shallow reefs but because you often find yourself in the path of a surfer with a heavy board and large fin. So far I have avoided any impacts with surfboards or fins and long may this continue. I love being in the water to photography surfing as it brings me and the person viewing the images closer to the action. Having a surfer do a turn right in front of you is always a rush and getting that spray thrown in your face and at the camera always leaves me smiling. Those times where I photograph a wave and can’t wait to check out the shot on the back of the camera to see if I captured that critical moment are always amazing and so rewarding. Swimming out into big surf with no board or floatation device is such an amazing way to experience the ocean and the power that it has. I love the thrill of a big set rolling through and swimming to be in the right position to not take the white water on the head.
Water Photography Specialist | Devon Commercial Photographer
If you have a surf product to photograph or just want some great photos of you and your mates surfing then get in touch with me.