Your Headshot Is Important | Devon Commercial Photographer


Is it time to upgrade your ‘selfie’ to a corporate headshot? Having a great headshot for you & your team is more important than you might think.

I am Devon headshot photographer, headshots are something that many people overlook because they don’t see the value of them, but your headshot is a big part of your personal brand & your public image. I see so many websites for Devon businesses where each of their team has a different style headshot, I have even seen some where selfies have been used. Having all of your team’s headshots photographed in the same way with the same lighting and backdrop makes for a really professional looking staff image. Even if you are a self-employed one-man band, having a great looking headshot for your website and social media pages can help your brand image.

Here are two separate staff teams I have photographed. Can you see the difference in this and what it could have been with random photos of each individual. The two teams photographed by me look like teams. Their photos are all taken on the same background with very similar if not identical framing and posing. Random staff headshots don’t make staff look like a cohesive team, nor do they give a professional representation. Headshots don’t always have to be shot head and shoulders on a white background with no expression. Yes head and shoulders on a white background might be great if your whole team is being photographed for your staff page on your website. But if you work alone in a less of an office environment then something outside and framed slightly different might be for you.
Headshots are there to show potential clients who they might encounter if they were to book your services, contact you or come into your shop. So a professional, friendly look is often what we are going for with headshots. If you feel like it’s time to change or even have your or your team's first ever headshot taken then please contact me and I would love to talk about how we can truly capture what you and your business is all about.