Teignmouth Beginners Photography Course


I have just completed a 5 week beginner’s photography course held at Teignmouth Pavilions. 12 participants took part all starting at different levels and abilities. Some had only ever photographed in auto mode, whilst others had had a go using manual but had found it too confusing and didn’t get the results they wanted.
The five week beginner’s photography course was a great success with participants really benefiting from the sessions and many asking for a follow-up course or a camera club to continue their photographic development. All participants reached the end of the course photographing in manual mode and, on the final session, taking part in a night time photo walk.

Photo by Julie Millis; taken on our session 5 photo-walk
Photo by Julie Millis; taken on our session 5 photo-walk

"Thank you once again for an enjoyable 5 week course, I felt sad it was over after last nights session. I really enjoyed myself, made some new friends and really feel I can now use my camera in manual confidently."

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The participants had a range of cameras including Bridge, Compact System Cameras and DSLR's, as long as equipment could photograph in manual settings, they could benefit from the course. Each found that by the end of the beginner’s photography course they knew their way around their camera much better, as well as having the ability to photograph in manual mode.
At the start of the five week beginner’s photography course many of the participants felt it was more by luck than judgement when they got a good photo, due to the fact they were photographing in auto. By the end of the course they could tell me the result they wanted and then set the camera up in manual mode to then capture the desired effect.